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Port of Coos Bay Vision and Goals
As Oregonís Gateway and through its designation as a state port, the Port of Coos Bay is uniquely positioned to influence the local economy. The Portís involvement in regional economic development allows it to implement dynamic programs to help generate new industrial operations in the bay area. In support of its role in the continued growth and development of Oregonís south coast, the Board of Commissioners adopted the following vision, mission statement and short-term goals at its June 17, 2004 meeting:


Promote optimal use of Coos Bay's deep-water port for the enhancement of the economy and quality of life in the region.

The Port will help build a diversified, healthy, stable regional economy through prudent management of its assets, by advocacy for infrastructure improvements and collaboration with other public and private entities.  


  • Complete Coos Bay Rail Line Rehabilitation Project (project under way)
  • Complete permitting for multi-use cargo berth and waterway access (Permit approved Dec. 29, 2012)
  • Secure Funding for Phase II of Rail Bridge Rehabilitation Project  (Pursuing funding)
  • Secure Funding for North Jetty Rehabilitation

 In 2013, the Port of Coos Bay is developing a business plan focused on the following guiding principles:

  • Expansion of maritime commerce opportunities
  • Development and preservation of marine industrial lands on upper and lower Coos Bay
  • Investment in transportation infrastructure

      2012 Strategic Goals Report - FIRST DRAFT

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