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Oregon Gateway Marine Terminal Complex


The Oregon International Port of Coos Bay (Port) is pursuing multiple marine terminal
development projects along lower Coos Bay, referred to collectively as the Oregon Gateway Marine Terminal (OGMT) complex.  One of the OGMT’s projects would involve the construction of a
new multi-purpose, multi-berth slip that could serve two independent deep draft marine terminals,
referred to as the west berth and the east berth. 

The slip and adjoining vessel berths are proposed to be constructed at -45 feet below mean lower low water (MLLW), and be connected to the Coos Bay Federal Navigation Channel by a new dedicated
access channel also dredged at -45 feet. 
The Oregon Department of State Lands (DSL) on
December 21, 2011, approved a removal-fill permit for the development of the access channel and
multi-purpose vessel slip
. That decision was based on a design that would allow for the
construction of a liquid bulk terminal served by the east berth, and a dry bulk terminal
for silo-storage cargos (i.e. grain, soy beans, etc.) served by the west berth
The multi-year permit will expire on December 21, 2016.

The Port submitted the permit application in January 2007. The culmination of that effort in
December 2011 opens the way for development of modern marine cargo facilities, expansion
of the southern Oregon coast maritime industry and increased use of the Coos Bay rail line.
This permit approval further reinforces the viability of Coos Bay's deep-water harbor for the
enhancement of the economy and quality of life in the region.

DSL Permit No. 37712-RF Findings

DSL Permit No. 37712-RF Authorization

DSL Fact Sheet issued Dec. 21, 2011

DSL web page on Port of Coos Bay Permit 37712-RF

Port of Coos Bay Dec. 21, 2012 news release

April 2, 2013, DSL Final Order (4.5 MB)

DSL Fact Sheet issues June 4, 2013

Jordan Cove Energy Project liquefied natural gas terminal

Jordan Cove executed a property sale with Weyerhaeuser NR Company in August 2011 for its upland facilities. If it is successful in obtaining Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approval for the project and moves forward, the Port will execute a long-term lease with Jordan Cove for use of a single berth in the proposed waterway of the Oregon Gateway Marine Terminal (OGMT) complex.

May 2011 Economic Analysis

For additional information about the project, go to the Jordan Cove Energy Project web site.

General Purpose Cargo Terminal Project

As an alternative to the construction of the proposed silo-storage dry bulk terminal, the Port is considering the feasibility of developing a General Purpose Cargo Terminal that could be served by the west berth.  Such a terminal could be utilized by break bulk, project or similar cargos, and could also serve as a staging, assembly, and deployment area for offshore wind energy platforms. As a next step, the Port will identify and describe the critical terminal and berth design elements that are necessary to serve the likely cargo opportunities identified for the terminal.

  • Project Effectuate
    Project Effectuate represents a diversification opportunity for the Coos Bay harbor.
    The Port signed an exclusive negotiating agreement (ENA) with Seattle-based Principle Power in March 2012 for exclusive rights to the western berth. The project involves the onshore manufacture and assembly of five semi-submersible wind platforms that would then be towed to sea.  Final assembly point requires a minimum 30-foot deep channel draft for towing out of the harbor. Wind platforms would be located between 15-18 miles offshore and anchored (tethered) to the sea-floor, outside of major fisheries areas.

  • 2012 Project Effectuate Permitting Memo ... Attachment 1
    2012 Project Effectuate Site Layout Memo

  • December 2012 U.S. Department of Energy awards $4 million to Coos Bay Wind Demonstration Project

Intermodal Container Terminal Concept

The former Henderson Ranch site has been identified as the preferred location in the Coos Bay harbor for an intermodal container terminal due to available acreage and proximity to rail and highway. The property is approximately 293 acres/118.5 hectares and is bounded by lower Coos Bay, TransPacific Parkway, and other components of the future OGMT complex.  An industrial rail spur – North Spit Rail Spur – branches off the Coos Bay rail line and parallels TransPacific Parkway along the northern and western boundaries of the site.  U.S. Highway 101 is about three miles east via TransPacific Parkway. The Henderson property will be used for deposition of appropriate material dredged from the Coos Bay navigation channel; helping prepare the site for terminal development.  Regulatory requirements for the placement of dredged material are addressed in the Draft Feasibility Study/Environmental Impact Statement and permitting process for the Coos Bay Channel Modification. When permitting and channel modifications are complete, the Henderson site will be ready for terminal construction in mid to late 2019.

Oregon Gateway Marine Terminal conceptual drawing

Related project - Section 203 Channel Modification
The Port met the criteria established under Oregon House Bill 5036 which provides access to the initial $5 million dollars in support of the proposed modification of the Coos Bay Deep-Draft Navigation Channel.  Please refer to Section 203 Channel Project page for more information related to that project.

OGMT Supporting Documentation

CLOSED: Request for qualifications issued June 21, 2012. Click here
Please check back for updates. Deadline for submission is July 10, 2012.
Addendum No. 1

RFQ Information and Reports: 2002 Marine Cargo Opportunities report Part 1 (9MB) ... Part 2 (8MB)
2003 Feasibility Analysis Part 1 (9MB) ... Part 2 (4MB) ... Part 3 (5MB)
2007 Wetland Delineation Report - Henderson Marsh Part 1 (8.5 MB)... Part 2 (4.5 MB)
2011 Henderson Marsh Wetland Functional Assessment (4 MB)

2011 Oregon Gateway Joint Permit Application to DSL 
Table of Contents ... Tab A (20 MB) ... Tab B (18 MB) ... Tab C (2 MB) ... Tab D (1 MB) ...
Tab E (4 MB) ... Tab F ... Tab G ... Tab H (5 MB)... Tab I (12MB) ... Tab J (4 MB) ... Tab K  (4MB) ...
Tab L (1 MB) ... Tab M (11 MB) ... Tab N (2 MB)... Tab O ... Tab P

Oregon Gateway Marine Terminal
Conceptual Drawing

2012 Project Effectuate Permitting Memo ... Attachment 1
2012 Project Effectuate Site Layout Memo


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